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At Heritage 10 Whitetails we believe that the does in the herd are at least as important as the bucks if not more. Knowing the importance of the genetic input from the does side, I spend a lot of time researching pedigrees. Our does are every bit as impressive as our bucks. Does from many different bloodlines such as the great south Texas lines of Cotton Mesa, Gonzales, Robert Williams, Marty Berry and others have given us a great genetic base. From there we brought in a number of big frame sires through A.I.

These are some of my favorites.

H10 Alice is a full sister to Rockin Achilles 
H 10 Betty is Alice's Triple Crown daughter        
H 10 Mary is a sister to Universal Express' dam                         
H 10 Vickey is one of Lone Hollow's best double 86C with Doe88
                         & Pink 19
Be 302 is Ace's womb mate sister                

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